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Tang Meng Rath Investment Co., Ltd was established in 1991 which mainly focused on hand-made steel batten product. Tang Meng Rath's product catches customer's attention for its quality and price. Today, in order to cater for the needs of customer, Tang Meng Rath has been developing itself by installing state-of-the-art and latest steel machinery to produce a variety of high quality steel products such as pre-paint galvanized and pre-painted zinc-aluminum, coated roofing sheet, galvanized C-Purlins and galvanized steel pipes. Tang Meng Rath has significantly expanded its product lines and become one of trusted and reliable key player in Cambodia steel industry.

Tang Meng Rath Investment Co . , Ltd is not only working with local businesses , but we also cooperate with foreign partners in order to exchange, knowledge, know-how, experience and new technology in production perspective to guarantee both quality and price for customers . Most of our products & materials are imported from Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Taiwan and more. For more than two decades, we have been able to keep a great rapport with our existing clients and gain trust from our new customers because of our professional staff, quality, price and services that is how we can stand firmly in today competitive market as TMR commitment We Produce We supply, You trust. We work and take our customer's growth into account; we grow together, to make Tang Meng Rath your immortal partner.

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